Scientific program

The program consists of plenary lectures in the mornings and a stream of parallel, topical sessions in the afternoons. Additionally, the meeting will have a poster session. For full details on the schedule as well as the presentation abstracts, please consult the book of abstracts to be published closer to the event.

Plenary presentations

The following speakers will present plenary lectures at the conference.

Dwight Barkley (U Warwick)
Ludovic Berthier (U Montpellier)
Sergio Boixo (Google)
Gábor Csányi (U Cambridge)
Christine Davies (U Glasgow)
Claudia Draxl (HU Berlin)
Steven Gottlieb (Indiana U)
Prineha Narang (Harvard)
Annalisa Pillepich (MPIA, Heidelberg)
Frank Pollmann (TU Munich)
Andrew Saxe (U Oxford)
Olga Shishkina (MPI-DS, Göttingen)
David Thirumalai (UT Austin)
Zhijun Wang (CAS)
Andy Woods (U Cambridge)

Invited presentations

Our program committee has been able to engage a number of leading experts in all areas of the conference.

Gert Aarts (Swansea U)
Ronojoy Adhikari (U Cambridge)
Tim Atherton (Tufts U)
Titus Beu (U BB Cluj)
Juan Carrasquilla (Vector I)
Philippe Corboz (U Amsterdam)
Sean Couch (Michigan State U)
Stefano Curtarolo (Duke U)
Thomas Guillet (U Exeter)
Vera Gülpers (U Edinburgh)
Itay Hen (USC)
Silke Henkes (U Bristol)
Susanne Horn (Coventry U)
Estelle Inack (Perimeter I)
Jaehyeok Jin (U Chicago)
Naoki Kawashima (U Tokyo)
Boris Kozinsky (Harvard U)
Justin Leontini (Swinburne U)
Valerio Lucarini (U Reading)
Cristian Micheletti (SISSA)
Mario Motta (IBM)
Kostas Orginos (William & Mary U)
Ludivine Oruba (Sorbonne U)
Laura Ratcliff (Imperial)
Martin Roetteler (Microsoft)
Josh Romero (Nvidia)
Stefan Schnabel (Leipzig U)
Hui Shao (Beijing NU)
Jemma Shipton (U Exeter)
Mario Spera (SISSA)
Miles Stoudenmire (Flatiron I)
Lei Wang (CAS)
Christopher White (U Maryland)

Contributed presentations

Our program committee selected contributions submitted by participants, and assigned them to the relevant parallel sessions as contributed oral presentations or to one of the poster sessions. The detailed program of the conference can be found on our program pages.